Closed-End Company

As opposed to a managed trust, enabling us to have a long term view on investments without being concerned about fund redemptions.

High Value / Low Cost

Active, high conviction, no debt. No excessive portfolio management fees and no performance fees. MER of 0.17%.


Delivering sound returns plus dividend growth.


The Board and Portfolio Managers of BKI has 205 years of collective industry experience (average of 29 years); Average tenure at BKI being 11 years.


Directors and Portfolio Managers are shareholders in BKI. We focus on dividend payments – not generating excessive fees.


Exposure to well managed, dividend paying companies in a variety of industries.

Listed on the ASX

Transparency and Compliance, Continuous Disclosure requirements, High levels of Transparency and Compliance.

Size and Strength

Total Portfolio valued at ~$1.3bn.


An investment in BKI.ASX provides administration simplicity.


• Shares trade on the ASX.
• 18,000 shareholders.
• Settlement T+2.


All Policies and Charters found on BKI Website:

Tax Effective Capital Management

Dividends are fully franked; tax credits passed on to shareholders.


Over $640m or $1.02 distributed to BKI shareholders in Dividends and Franking Credits since listing.

Special Dividends

7 Fully Franked Special Dividends passed on to shareholders.

Positive Franking Balance

Franking Credit balance available to ensure future BKI dividends are fully franked (at tax rate of 30%)

Washington H Soul Pattinson and Company Limited

WHSP is the largest shareholder in BKI. Listed in 1903, WHSP is the second oldest listed company on the ASX and holds investments valued at ~5.0bn. Soul Pattinson has a deep understanding of the business universe through its diverse investment portfolio.