BKI aims to generate Shareholders an increasing income stream in the form of fully franked dividends through long term investments in a portfolio assets that are also able to deliver capital growth.

Dividend Policy

BKI will pay the maximum amount of realised profits after tax to its shareholders in the form of fully franked dividends to the extent permitted by the Corporations Act, the Income Tax Assessment Act and prudent business practices from profits obtained through interest, dividends and other income it receives from its investments.

Pay Out Ratio Target: 90% – 95% of the Net Operating Result.

Key Dates – Final Dividends

Last trading day to be eligible for the Dividends Thursday 8 August 2019
Ex-Dividend Date Friday 9 August 2019
Record Date Monday 12 August 2019
DRP Nomination Tuesday 13 August 2019
Payment Date Thursday 29 August 2019

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

BKI currently maintains a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), offering shareholders the opportunity to acquire further ordinary shares in BKI without having to incur brokerage fees.

The DRP is currently not offered at a discount. For further information regarding the DRP, please click here to read the DRP Booklet.

To participate in the DRP, or to change your existing participation in the DRP, you can either:

click here to download the DRP election form, which must be completed, signed and submitted to our share registry, or

click here to log into the website of our share registry and change your participation details online.