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Company Name % of Total Stock Portfolio
1 Commonwealth Bank 6.7%
2 BHP Billiton 5.9%
3 APA Group 5.8%
4 Woolworths Limited 5.3%
5 Transurban Group 5.1%
6 Macquarie Group 5.1%
7 Wesfarmers Limited 4.1%
8 National Australia Bank 3.8%
9 TPG Telecom 3.5%
10 ASX Limited 3.2%
11 Ramsay Healthcare 3.1%
12 Sydney Airport 3.0%
13 Telstra Corporation 2.8%
14 Sonic Healthcare 2.5%
15 Westpac Banking Corporation 2.3%
16 Woodside Petroleum 2.3%
17 AGL Energy 2.2%
18 New Hope Corporation 2.2%
19 IAG Limited 2.0%
20 Invocare Limited 1.8%
21 Coles Group 1.8%
22 Magellan Financial Group 1.8%
23 Amcor Corporation 1.6%
24 ARB Corporation 1.4%
25 ANZ Banking Group 1.4%
Cash and cash equivalents 7.1%
Total of Top 25 plus
cash and cash equivalents

Business Overview

BKI is a research driven, Listed Investment Company, investing for the long term in profitable, high yielding, well managed companies. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (BKI.ASX) with the equity portfolio managed by Contact Asset Management, an investment in BKI gives shareholders access to a diversified Australian equity portfolio.

Growing Fully Franked Dividends

BKI’s Board & Portfolio Managers are shareholders in BKI. We invest for the long term and focus on creating wealth for all shareholders by keeping costs low and increasing fully franked dividends and capital growth.

As at 31 March 2020, using the 2020FY interim dividend of 3.625cps, 2019FY final dividend of 3.70cps and a share price of $1.22, the historical dividend yield is 6.0%.

BKI has paid out over $700m or $1.06 per share in Dividends and Franking Credits to Shareholders since listing.

Pre-Tax Net Tangible Assets: $1.28
Post-Tax Net Tangible Assets: $1.28

Board of Directors

Robert Millner (Chairman), Alex Payne, David Hall, Ian Huntley, Jaime Pinto (Company Secretary).

Investment Management
Contact Asset Management provides investment management services in accordance with the directions of the BKI Board and BKI Investment Committee.
Tom Millner (Director – Portfolio Manager)
Will Culbert (Director – Portfolio Manager)

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**Includes FY2019 Final Ordinary Dividend of 3.70cps and FY2020 Interim Ordinary Dividend of 3.625cps.
# Based on share price as at 31 March 2020. Grossed up yield includes franking credits and is based on a tax rate of 30%.